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Kabwata Baptist Church through the Chainama and Northmead Home groups have been holding services at the Lusaka Chainama East Prisons for a month now. Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, they celebrated the fourth service. Four KBC members conducted the service and 20 male ‘patients’ attended.In line with the emerging order of worship, the service was characterised by joyful singing, prayer and preaching. Brother Solomon Nyirenda preached from the gospel of John Chapter 3:1-20 on the subject of being born again.

After the service the team distributed some bath soap and petroleum jelly. They plan on adding clothes and other daily needs to the gifts which they will distribute on a regular basis. Other needs requested such as local language bibles are still outstanding. The authorities only restrict cooked food as donations or gifts.

Prayer items

The number of Chainama and Northmead Home group members attending the service is visibly declining. The first service had 9 outreach team members. We were down to 4 at this service. Pray that the Lord will sustain the 2 cell groups to pursue the work earnestly and also supply the needs requested, especially the Bibles.

A meeting to assemble a team of men who will commit to lead the services and preach regularly is scheduled to be held on Monday 1st April 2013. There is a great need for men conversant in English and/or Nyanja or Bemba to preach the word of God. Or else an interpreter is alternatively needed. Pray that the Lord’s direction in this important matter.

The team has slowly appreciated the state of minds of most patients attending the services, thus to effectively communicate with them, they requires special skills.  A few of them can read but require more basic materials than most of the tracts available at the moment. Language barrier is another challenge the team faces. Pray that the word that is preached will have a bearing on the hearts of the ‘patients’ and that appropriate reading materials will be secured.

The team is also seeking to practically engage the authorities by providing paint and having their buildings painted, providing a new National Flag as well as reading material for them. Pray that the word in practise may affect them as well.

Praise the Lord for the few ‘patients’ who are opening their hearts to the team and that they shall soon be engaged in personal evangelism with as many of them as possible.

In Christ


Alfred Sakwiya
Chainama Prison Outreach Team Leader

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  1. Namaambo Posted on January 2, 2014 at 10:24 am

    The Ministry to patients at Chainama Hospital/Prison is inspiring. Please keep it up despite the challenges being faced. Nothing is too hard for the Lord and I am confident He will find a way for you. May God bless your ministry.

  2. Lastone Tembo Posted on May 21, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    The Chainama outreach point is unique in many respects. Membership changes almost every week as old member are discharged and new ones are admitted. Language-wise it is a mixture-I mean a real mixture-Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga etc. When you start preaching you’ve to pray for Pentecostal grace where all hear you in their mother tongue. But the seed is sown, notwithstanding.

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